Your Academy - a journey from idea to business

Your Academy is an Edtech cloud-based platform for education with schools around the world as users. Your Academy gives teachers and educators a tool to use and offer digital education and learning materials in digital form to the many who do not have full access to this today. The platform provides benefits for students, for teachers and educators and also for those who have information and learning materials that can be offered to many students regardless of where they live or their conditions in general.

Your Academy is an early start-up with functioning daily activities in some 30 schools. The initiative is created by Tina Thörner who, in addition to a successful career in rally sport internationally, has started and led the beginning of Your Academy with both international and Swedish partners.

Provecus Affärsrådgivning supports the project Your Academy and the entrepreneur and initiator Tina Thörner with the formulation of a business plan, preparations for raising capital and a basis for further development of the initiative.

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Missa inte Maria Backlund, och det hon berättar om Live Shopping för Akademibokhandeln. Live Shopping med både kunnig egen butikspersonal, och med författare som berättar om sina böcker, ger en upplevelse med stort kundvärde. Både för de som inte kan, eller i pandemitider inte vill, komma till Akademibokhandelns fysiska butiker, och för de som tycker

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