Strategic support - Advisory Board Team

Regardless of the form in which you run your company, there will be times when you need to think through a number of particularly important issues and do so together with others. These may include strategic considerations, economic conditions, risk, finance, growth, personnel, etc. At such times, the management and owners of the medium-sized company are often alone. This is where it is important to have a forum - an Advisory Board - for confidential discussion of particularly important issues.

  • Expert teams of 2 or 3 advisors
  • Continuous working meetings/workshops
  • Targeted analyses
  • Strategy and management support

Advisory Board Team

- permanent access to the Provecus team of advisors

Ongoing 3-12 months* 

*3-month contract with ongoing automatic renewal

Regular meetings - Management and Advisory; anchoring, support and some documentation.

Start-up cooperation; with 4 hour workshop; as individual action

  • Workshop in physical meeting at booked location ; "off site"
  • Online meeting preparation
  • Preparation; access to some documentation
  • Quick analysis of market, activity and stage
  • Implementation of "structured workshop" with 2 Advisors from Provecus and management / CEO / owners from the client company.
  • Concludes with a decision to continue ongoing support (or not).
  • Introductory workshop - 1 structured with preparation and some documentation

7450 kr / advisor

Ongoing cooperation; Qualified advisor as part of the Advisory Board Team - fixed monthly fee

  • Monthly
  • Implementation support for specific task; 'optional'
  • 2 monthly reconciliation meetings
  • 14 hours of work on average during the month
  • Access to 2-4 of Provecus Advisors on an ongoing basis, matching the issue with the competence/advisor's background.
  • Possibility of additional tasks as "gig"; delimited and rapid
  • Ongoing contract that can be terminated at any time, with a 3-month notice period
  • Enhanced "management team for hire" - continuous access to at least 3 of the Provecus Advisors, by subscription.

 14 900 kr / month

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