Kom med i en gemenskap som rådgivare

Why you should join as an advisor

"First and foremost, the social community. If you're going to work and struggle with something like this, I think it should be fun, and this is it."

- Anders Liling

"I'm here because I really like working here. There are many different things here with many nice colleagues and many different business situations. It's really stimulating"

- Per Möller

"I like the structure of Provecus; the fact that you can go in and do gigs and control the time pretty much yourself."

- Anni Flowers

Experience as a gig - qualified advice just when needed

More and more of the working world is giving way to semi-long term assignments, project work, and gigs. This opens up opportunities for those who want to take advantage of their long professional experience. Opportunities to work in short, fast-paced assignments with what you are best at, even with advanced issues. It also offers advantages for those who need access to the best skills, but for limited periods or for specific tasks.

Advisers - willing and able to work flexibly

Working at Provecus Affärsrådgivning offers great opportunities. Our advisors work:

  • The time commitment is flexible. Some of us work full time, others with assignments from time to time, and adapted to what each assignment needs.
  • The location of the work varies. We work with Online First so much of the work can be done remotely, without unnecessary travel time.
  • In teams, when needed to complement their own knowledge with that of others, and individually when it is more efficient.
  • We share years of concrete experience, while learning new techniques and ways of working.

Our different levels of involvement

Our advisers participate in different roles and with different levels of effort. The degree to which an adviser wishes to participate is decided by the adviser, and may vary over time. Before each quarter, the adviser assesses how much and in what way they want to participate.

How to become a Provecus advisor

Step 1 - Fill in your contact details

Register your interest by filling in your contact details below. We will confirm your application and send you further information about working as an advisor for Provecus.

Step 2 - Tell us about you

Give us as complete a picture as possible of yourself and your experience. Describe your experience in terms of sector, specialization and the different situations and stages you have been through.

Step 3 - First evaluation

We assess how your background matches our clients' requirements and how it complements the profiles of the advisors already with Provecus.

Step 4 - Personal interview

We believe in face-to-face meetings even though we work "online first" with digital meetings. To see how you can thrive with other Provecus colleagues, and they with you, it is important that we meet in person.

Welcome as an advisor

Your profile will be published against the assignments. We receive and publish your information on the Provecus website, including the characteristics you have in terms of capacity, personality and skills. Administratively, we ask you to sign a standardized non-exclusive contract.

We match you to the right job

Our clients are in many different industries and situations. For each assignment, we select the best advisor based on the background profile and experience described by each advisor, and how it can help our client in the case at hand.

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