About us

What do we do?

At Provecus, we support management and owners in developing plans and ensuring that plans are implemented. Quickly, easily and safely.

We match the right skills, experience and personal qualities with the needs of medium and small growing companies from time to time. Provecus does it temporarily, quickly, focused and limited, as a "gig". Not as interim solutions for a long time or consulting efforts with long investigations and reports.

Our intervention lasts between 4 hours, 4 days or 4 weeks. It always starts with a remote digital meeting where the mission is defined and a continuation is decided.

Expertise and experience

It is pure advice, based on many years of experience in different situations. This is why we call ourselves advisers and not consultants.

We share many years of experience from both advisory roles and operational positions in the business world. Both specific knowledge and a broader understanding of the different phases of a company, and how it should be handled for the business to develop further or change.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide support on strategic issues such as choices and other major issues. 

Advice relating to events outside a company's daily and ongoing operations. We are used to describing problems and figuring out how to solve them. And provide the right conditions for the regular organization to implement. Not infrequently, we notice that new eyes see solutions that the business has missed. Solutions that require relatively little effort to make a big difference.

Our advisers

Join us as an advisor

The history of Proveco - how it started

"A few years ago, I found myself in a situation with a company and its owner where a major event had occurred. Their business was really in need of a new direction because key customers, competitors and the environment had changed rapidly. I was asked who could help with good advice.

The business needed a plan for the next stage, but not long projects, and a focus on clear key issues with a quick and safe solution.

Who could help with good advice, quickly, easily and safely?

Then I gathered a group of people with long experience in business, who had been through success and failure and difficult choices several times. A group of competent advisors who had previously worked in business at a senior level, as CEOs, specialists and others. At that moment, Provecus Affärsrådgivning Online was born.

Traditional consultants and good interim people could help. But then it would have taken longer, cost larger fees and perhaps resulted in the detour via a report, and not the straightforward path to wise advice on what should be done.

It is the people behind Provecus who provide experience-based business advice, experienced advisors who are still curious and who enjoy sharing their experiences".

Per Möller

Founder & CEO